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 TITLE: —— SEQUEL TO   My Idea of a Perfect Christmas  (I'm still thinking about it)


MAIN PAIRINGS: Donghae/Hyukjae

RATINGS: PG-13/NC-17? (I still can't decide)

GENRE: Like the 1st..:D.. AU, Drama



The clock is ticking, swinging its arms into a full circumference, as the redhead handsome lad waited patiently in his seat. Sighing from left to right, his mind wandered off from time to time. Creating tiny circle patterns above the marble counter, he doodled using his fingers with his imaginary visible ink and not until long, he felt a tap landed on his shoulders, he looked up.

“Are you okay?” A handsome man with a perfect set of dimples asked. Caught off guard with surprise, he replaced his worried face with a genuine smile.

“Neh. Teukie-Hyung, I am perfectly fine.” And he laughed awkwardly to cover his worries, yet like an open book, Jungsoo, his boss and a close friend, never failed to read Hyukjae like a mother of his own.

“Hmm… Since when did I taught my son to lie?” He questioned purposely with a hurt tone and received a silent answer in return.

“Ok, fine. If you’re not ready yet, then I won’t push you to tell me the whole details. Just remember that I am always here for you Hyukjae-ah.”

Feeling the sincerity of his voice, guilt is eating up his conscience and he debated on his own whether to confide his dilemma to his Hyung or not. As Jungsoo was about to take his leave, Hyukjae pulled his wrist and he whispered, “Hyung, I need you.”

As they sat comfortably on the chairs, Hyukjae began to tale his tale, the flashbacks of last night when he met the man whom he loved the most.

Two young souls had finally reunited after not seeing each other for long years.

Pulling out from the hug, they went towards the counter and ordered some drinks. They talked about how their lives went from these past 3 years they left each other.

Leaning comfortably on his seat, Hyukjae asked Donghae once again.

“Seriously, Hae… Why did you come back?” he questioned once again and the brunette answered him finally.

“I have some important matters to attend to… And by the way, could I ask a favor from you?” Donghae asked this time.

“Sure. Anything, it’s my pleasure.”
As long as it is for you, Hyukjae added silently in his mind, as a smile plastered on his face.

“Hyukkie, I’m getting married and I wanted you to be there.”

The redhead came into a halt; shocked, confused, and crushed at the same time.

Unable to contain his feelings anymore, he felt numb. Anesthetized with the pain, agony, and uncertainty all along. He wanted to cry, yet the more he wanted to, his pride won’t let him. The feeling of being a fool throughout the years had struck him finally in a flash.

He bitterly smiled. “Congratulations then!” He forced to say in a cheerful voice and fortunately, Donghae bought his act.

The brunette opened his arms, welcoming Hyukjae for an embrace, and the latter accepted it in return.

The redhead lad hugged him tight, like his life was depended on it. Burying his face towards his best friend’s chest to cover his pained expression, he smelled the manly scent that he missed the most; Donghae, the only man who could make him feel safe and warm throughout the raging storms in his life.

“So, when is the date of the lucky day huh?” He whispered, and the brunette chuckled.

“On the 30th. Actually, I wanted it to be on the New Year, but since my parents and Hyuna’s couldn’t wait anymore, they purposely advanced and prepared everything for us. ——————“ He fondly said, without being aware of Hyukjae’s inner turmoil in his heart.

Though he’s not hurting him physically, Hyukjae now becomes emotionally inflicted, mentally damaged, and totally twisted. “Oh, I see.”

Unclasping the warmth he received from the brunette’s embrace, Donghae started rummaging the insides of his pocket. Successfully, he found what he was looking for and pulled his hand out; a white envelope card lying on his grasps is now presented to Hyukjae.

“Would you come and celebrate with me, Hyukkie?” He asked as his eyes darted with the lad who is currently dazed with his situation.

Hyukkie… Hyukkie?

Hmmm… Unto what extent would I able to handle everything for you, Hae? He silently thought until he heard his name being called once again.

“Hyukkie, are you alright?” He heard, and instantly, his gummy smile was transfixed on his face and he nodded his head; agreeing without a choice.

Donghae lifted Hyukjae’s chin, darting his orbs towards the single eye-lidded eyes, tucking his bangs aside, he whispered, “Thank you. You don’t know how much you made me happy, I thought you’re not going to come.”

And Hyukjae just chuckled.

You don’t know how much you made me happy.

You don’t know how much you made me happy…

He thought incessantly in his mind about what he had heard, and he concluded in silence, ‘I wish, I couldn’t, if only you knew.’

His trance ended when he heard that pleasant voice once again.

“Then I guess, I should go now, bye! Oh! By the way, are you free tomorrow?” The brunette asked and he nodded his head.

“Good. Then I’ll pick you up here instead, I need your help for something big.” And with that he left.


A|N: I'm REALLY BUSY AND MY HECTIC SCHEDULE won't let me write/do an update in my fics..T_T.. But anyway, I hope you enjoy this Short TEASER!>XDD...

I'm really thinking whether it's a right decision not to stick on my plan of making this fic into a short story
(My Idea of a perfect Christmas) , rather than making this sequel instead...

Because if I make this into a short story, then i'm pretty sure I would freak out with the deadline of finishing this fic with a
merry, predictable, fluff "Christmas Vibe/theme". Since I don't have a clear plot at all, I tend to change my ideas all the time..LOL..XDD..

That's why, I think... i won't go into the usual route of a predictable plot and sticking to my theme, instead, i would try something into my liking..>:)))) ..*evil laugh.

But don't worry folks~ I would try my best to stick on the "christmas vibe theme", but there might be a certain off-chapters or whatsoever; thus, PLEASE don't expect for the usual fluff vibe that is well-suited for a Yuletide season..~It depends on my mood though~>:)))


PS: The fic followed the same format with the first story, a lyrical type of story~ something like that, but this time, I used another song!:D



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