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Title: My Idea of a Perfect Christmas
Summary: Have you ever asked yourself what defines a perfect Christmas?

For Kids, it’s the gifts, for the teens, it’s about the cash, for the adults, it’s just simply spending their cash away to be broke, yet being satisfied in the end, as soon as their loved ones smile with their efforts. Then how about Lee Hyukjae?

Main pairings: HAEHYUK
Genre: Angst, Romance, and Drama
Ratings: PG - 13


The lights are blinking into a continuous motion; sparkling into view as slickly as they glowed. Despite the cold humid seeping through the night, people were rushing towards the middle of the town, walking hand in hand as they waited for the momentous event of the year, the “Welcoming Event for Christmas Eve”.

Aah! It’s Christmas! And hymns of Yuletide carols began to play endlessly in the air.

The streets were crowded with smiling faces of lovebirds, holding each other’s hand; mesmerizing the wonderful view of the confetti descending above them. Clasping each other in a tight embrace, showing their love or affection, the couples started to kiss under the mistletoe as the huge Christmas tree came into life.

Firecrackers began to surface the previous dark misting sky, lighting up the horizon with gay, emitting different colors of blue, red, green, and other eccentric colors that is vivacious in the eye.

Out of all the commotions happening outside, a handsome, tall, red- haired lad sitting on a couch leaned on the window glass, observing the view in front of him. Unconsciously, a smile formed on his lips; an indistinct smile, which he himself doesn’t know why, and he began recalling his past.

He heaved a sigh.

“Having a hard time, aren’t we?” The attractive man asked, worry pained in his voice as his forehead creased. He rose himself from the counter and began to coax the man sitting at the edge of the now-filled restaurant.

“Anniyo, Hyung, I’m fine.” He replied and the said man smiled in relief as the dimples on his left cheek deepened too.

“You know Hyukkie, you could rest if you feel tired. Besides, that, I don’t want you to faint from overdoing your job zealously all day.” He pleaded and the said lad just chuckled in return.

He shrugged his shoulder as he gets the black wooden casing beside the box of beverages behind the counter. Looking up on his boss, he showed him his infamous “gummy smile” that nobody could pull out.

“Teukie hyung… Really… Stop being a worrywart okay? I’m fine. I’m going back to work now.” And with that, he left, bringing along his precious guitar towards the elevated platform at the front aisle.


Various tempo stepping, laughter and noises over the crowd, endless swishing of the chiming bells indicating that another customer had entered the area, echoed throughout the four-sided corners of “La Mirage café”.

“La Mirage Café” was a well-known café restaurant owned by the Kim couple namely Jungsoo and Kangin. It started two years ago, along the road of Kyuendong (imaginary made-up name); two blocks away from one of the prestigious universities in Korea, Seoul University.

It was a previously small coffee shop built by Kangin, the husband of Jungsoo, as a surprise anniversary gift for his lovely wife who loves pastries too much.

Starting from a single hobby of baking, Jungsoo started to pursue his dream to become a patisserie that unexpectedly led him to meet his now official husband, Kangin. Kangin, on the other hand, was a renowned food expert and invitations from various food events and competitions are not new to him anymore.

Believe-it-or-not, in every food contests, he’s always the main panel judge of the night, and that’s how he met his wife.

Unexpectedly, love bloomed in the way although it wasn’t easy at first, since people judged them for having an illicit same-gender relationship. But then eventually, despite the controversies they had experienced, they finally tied-up the knot, meeting Hyukjae for the first time.

Hyukjae was the son of the singer that they hired in their Special Day. Unexpectedly, on the day of their wedding, the red-head’s father got sick disabling him to sing; Hyukjae, being eager to help him, took the responsibility and substitute his father’s position for a while.

Surprised with the sudden news, they let him sang on their Nuptial Day without a choice. Underestimating his capabilities at first, the two were moved into tears as soon as they heard the lad’s melodious voice singing their wedding song.

Without hesitation, they asked Hyukjae to work for them as a vocalist in their café, and it seemed like luck was on their side as the latter agreed on their job proposal.


A|N: I have decided.... I'm not going to wait for the month of December anymore before I post this..LOL.. xD..I'm gonna post the rest of the updates in one-go.:D...

And unbelievably, this is my FIRST-EVER PG-13 Christmas fic One-shot!!XD *Hurray! V(>u<)V...

I will not post this in the community yet AND it;s still f-lock...:).. I'm gonna wait until the month of "December" arrives.. haha..>:))).. So you're lucky enough to read this!:D.. haha... I know it's too early for christmas.. but I couldn't help it..>_<..




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