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Humming to himself, the handsome, red-haired lad with plump lips, began plucking his guitar as he tried getting the right pitch of his instrument. Once it was settled, he began strumming his guitar and started singing.

(A|N: Please Listen to this song while reading this fic.)

My idea of a perfect Christmas
Is to spend it with you

Singing these lines by heart, a visage of a tall, handsome, brunette with hazel eyes flooded his mind. Flashbacks of his youth had begun to surface his memories as he plucked the strings of his guitar, singing along with its rhythm to calm his throbbing heart.

Two handsome lads were sitting under the canopy of a huge, Acacia tree. Enjoying the goodness of the weather, they went beneath the school grounds to catch some fresh air and have a peaceful rest on their own.

The place was magnificent, a vast grass-filled area that surrounds the lakeshore. Besieged by huge coverings of gigantic trees, the location was unknown to many since students are off-limits to this vicinity because it’s a private property of the principal of the school.

Luckily, for a handsome brunette, he is capable to enter this quarter because he has the keys of this clandestine section. Being a son of the school principal, of course, it would be easy for him to have an access to this place without being caught.

Feeling bored all of the sudden; he began to snatch the book away from the focused redhead who was intently absorbed reading a novel book.

“Yah! Donghae! Give it back!” The redhead shouted once the book was out of his grasps.

Grinning childishly for successfully getting the attention of his prey, the brunette began to stick his tongue out as he said,
“Then grab it, if you can!” And off he went, running away with a smile spread across his lips as Hyukjae tailed him without a choice.

In a party
Or dinner for two
Anywhere would do

“Hyukkie, are you free on Friday night?” The brunette asked seriously to the newly awaked redhead.

Surprised by the sudden question thrown to him, he blinked his eyes in confusion. Poking the lad’s cheeks to see if he’s listening or not, the brunette asked once again his best friend.

“I said… Are you free on Friday Night?” And Hyukjae’s heart began to throb wildly with haste.

Feeling the sudden summersault of his stomach, he bit his lips as he wondered to himself,
“Is Hae asking me out?”

Following his instincts without a doubt, he tried controlling himself not to act stupid in front of the guy he loved. He heavily sighed.

Yes, he is Donghae’s best friend yet little did the brunette know that the redhead, Hyukjae, had fallen deeply in love with him.

Hyukjae doesn’t know when did it start.

Maybe 2 years ago? Last year? No! He silently thought to himself. Not knowing when exactly did he already harbor serious feelings towards this man, the redhead had always felt attracted to the brunette the first time he saw him.

Gathering his courage to know the truth, Hyukjae swallowed a lump in his throat and he began to speak.

“Neh… I am. I’m free. Wae, Hae? What’s the occasion?” He casually asked and luckily, he didn’t stutter, avoiding suspicions from the observant brunette beside him.

Donghae, hearing the redhead’s answer, smiled widely as he went to Hyukjae’s direction, pulling the lad in his arms into an embrace as he whispered, “It’s a surprise. I hope I have your support on this, neh?”

The night had approach, where Hyukjae thought his long predicament would come to an end. Hoping that Donghae felt the same way as he did, he groomed himself with the best ability he could on their first official date.

date, as what Hyukjae likes to prefer, since this is the first time Donghae had asked him out.

Looking at the mirror while fixing his self, he heard a loud knock coming from his door. Thinking it was only his father, he immediately opened it, surprised written on his face as the brunette came into view.

Chuckling at the stunned expression of his best friend, Donghae pulled Hyukjae out from the room, and bid goodbye towards the lad’s parent before they finally went to their said destination.

Celebrating the Yuletide season
Always lights up our lives

It was Christmas Eve that night, and like the usual, Hyukjae and Donghae’s arms were linked into each other like it’s the typical type for the duo to do. Getting out from the car that the brunette had provided for them, they went inside the superlative restaurant named “Casa Verde” for their first date.

“Woah… Hae… This is… beautiful…”Hyukjae mused as he saw the white gold ring with a small diamond carat embedded on it inside the small, sapphire, leather box

“Do you think the person whom would I give this ring will like it?” the brunette asked and the redhead silently nodded his head in agreement.

Mesmerizing with the ring in front of him, Hyukjae saw that there was a carving of “H&H” within, curiosity surging inside his body, he asked the brunette without further ado.

“Hae, what does ‘H&H’ means?” Hoping that the brunette had returned his feelings, Hyukjae silently anticipated the brunette’s answer as his heart pounded wildly with excitement; the brunette then flashed a smile.

The endearing smile that the redhead had fallen for all over the years.



“Hae and Hyuna.”

“Tonight, I’m planning to confess my feelings for her. It’s been a long time since we became childhood friends and I think, it’s the right time that I should take it to a more serious level.” He said with fondness as his eyes sparkled with ardor.

Unknowingly, droplets of languid tears had started falling incessantly on Hyukjae’s face. Controlling his self to be not vulnerable, who on the contrary he feels at the moment, he managed to stop his sobs of pain into a sniffle.

Donghae, who was observant enough to hear the sudden stillness from his friend, had come into a halt and surprised to see Hyukjae shedding a tear.

“Hyukkie, are you okay?” He worriedly asked and that’s the time Hyukjae felt he was broken into pieces. Unable to hide his feelings of sorrow anymore, he cried until Donghae panicked, and cooed him on the back while embracing him.

When he felt the boy relaxed, he then lifted Hyukjae’s face, setting his bangs to the side, and he began to ask the boy once again.

“Hyukkie… Are you sure you are okay? Please… tell me… if there’s something bothering you.” The brunette gently said to the now calmed boy in his arms. Unable to get an answer from his best friend, he insisted asking him once more.

“Lee Hyukjae, answer me. What’s the problem? Aren’t you happy for me?” He asked seriously since he; somehow, felt that he was the reason Hyukjae cried for not telling him this sudden confession to the woman he loved.

Since he met the redhead, Donghae and Hyukjae had a promise together that they would tell important things with each other. Donghae had come into an idea of protecting Hyukjae and treating him as his own brother and a best friend since he knew, Hyukjae was a jewel that needs to be protected.

Hyukjae was always bullied for being considered to have entered a prestigious university that only the rich people with brains could afford.

Being the scholar of the “Lee”, the family of Donghae, he was the fortunate student who was able to study for free in one of the prestigious universities in Korea, Seoul University.

Having an outstanding grade during the entrance examination, its no wonder how he managed to get a full scholarship sponsored by the Lee Family; thus, enabling him to meet the brunette for the first time.

“Silly! Of course… I am… Lee Donghae, I am very happy for you… Now that finally, you found the right person for you… That would make me happy as well.” He said, with all of the strength that left him, a bogus smile plastered on his face.

The brunette sighed a relief as soon as he saw this. Tracing the features of Hyukjae’s façade delicately with his fingers, he uttered the words, “
Support me with this, neh?”

Simple pleasures are made special too
When they're shared with you

Without protest, Hyukjae, nodded his head in return. Soon enough, the entrance of the restaurant opened, and a gorgeous, tall, lean woman came into view. Seeing this, the brunette fidgeted from his seat; he pecked Hyukjae’s forehead as a sign of console and he asked him to sit at the edge corner to cheer for him.

Obliged to do it out of his will, but for the brunette whom he treasured the most, in the end, Hyukjae witnessed with his own pair of eyes how Donghae shattered his heart that night of Christmas Eve.

“Everyone! Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to give a toast. Finally, this woman over here, Kim Hyuna, had finally agreed to become my official girlfriend. Isn’t it wonderful? Because of the happiness she gave me, I would like to celebrate and share my delight to all of you; your drinks would be treated for the night. “ And the crowd cheered as the couples shared their first kiss, initiated by the brunette of course.

Looking through some old photographs
Faces of friends we'll always remember

Eventually, after the incident of Donghae’s confession, the news spread like wildfire inside the university. Hyuna, being the ideal woman that most men wished to have, had been welcomed and no one dared to disagree with the couple’s relationship.

In fact, many viewed them as the
“Perfect Couple” and Hyukjae, being the underprivileged fortunate student as he is, was hardly accepted by the people for being together with them all the time.

“Damn it! Hyukjae, what is this all about?” shouted by the infuriating brunette as he got the opportunity to talk with the redhead privately; even if meant grabbing him harshly towards the deserted roof deck.

“Ahh! Hae, Let go of me!” yelped by Hyukjae as his wrist had reddened due to the impact of Donghae’s tight grip.

“No! Answer me first, why are you distancing yourself away from me?” he furiously said, looking intently to his best friend’s eyes, finding an answer to his now confused mind of Hyukjae’s sudden change of behavior towards him.

“Hae… Please… stop… Let go of my hands… you’re hurting me…” The boy pleadingly said. Seeing the state of his wrists, the brunette loosened his grip yet still holding the redhead’s hands.

Hyukjae sighed.

He began to think of a reason how to answer this man whom he secretly dreamed to be his. As an idea popped into his mind, he silently prayed to God that he won’t stutter this time and he answered the waiting brunette.

“I’m not avoiding you. I’m a SCHOLAR that’s why I am busy. Besides, the festival is already coming and I need to be————————“ And a punch immediately landed on the side wall he was in, he gasped.

“FUCK! HYUKJAE! BUSY ISN’T the ANSWER for such things! Even though you were a scholar from the start, you never avoided me no matter how busy you were. Don’t lie to me! Because we both know, that you’re not good at it from the start!” He frustratingly said and hearing that Donghae’s raising voice at him, Hyukjae couldn’t take it anymore and he burst out too.

“Don’t shout at me! You don’t have the rights to dictate what should I do with my life! And besides… I’m not your FUCKING GIRLFRIEND for Pete’s sake!” And Hyukjae’s suitcase fell out of his arms; papers began to scatter on the dusty ground.

Donghae, realizing that he went on board too much, couldn’t look at his best friend’s eyes as guilt eating up his conscience. He tried touching the redhead yet the lad would avoid him in return.

Feeling that he couldn’t do anything about it, he focused his attention on picking up the papers above the ground instead.

As he did so, he was surprised with what he saw. Immediately, he began to embrace the sobbing best friend of his at the corner, Hyukjae, struggling against his hold.

“Hyukkie… I’m sorry… I’m a bastard… Why didn’t you tell me?” He gently said as he cooed the back of the shivering lad in his arms. His face had begun shedding tears as he clutched at the papers he had picked up earlier on the grounds.











Papers that contained hatred letters towards HYUKJAE. These were letters of jealousy, disapproval, and revulsion for being friends with “Donghae and Hyuna”.

Hyukjae didn’t answer, and instead, he wailed loudly this time and he leaned on the warm embrace that he really missed for a long time. Seeing that he won’t get the answer that he needed, the brunette comforted the sobbing lad in his arms instead.

“Hyukkie… I’m sorry… I’m such a FAILURE TO YOU… I’m sorry for not being able to protect you from them. Please… Tell me… Who did this to you?” he seriously asked, determination written on his face.

Yet Hyukjae, being the person who doesn’t like other persons to be involved in his messy situation, just kept his silence and hugged the brunette tight like it was his last chance.

“Hae, don’t.” He beseeched, as his best friend continued on insisting him to tell him who were behind these hatred letters he had received.

“Please.” And once he said it, the brunette heavily sighed and cuddled his best friend securely in his arms, afraid of hurting him again.

“Please… Don’t let these things affect you… Hyukkie, I know who you are… Please, don’t leave me. I can’t afford to lose you.” And as Donghae said this, Hyukjae inclined more towards the lad’s hold and he nodded his head as he whispered,
“Yes Hae, I won’t leave you.” Even if it hurts to see you in another person’s arms and not mine.

Watching busy shoppers rushing about
In the cool breeze of December

December. The month where bells are ringing while songs of Christmas carols filled the atmosphere of every place with glee.

Sitting silently in the balcony of his room, a certain redhead fellow was musing around randomly by himself, letting the cold humid night air seeped through his skin.

As the night’s getting murkier, small, circle, lucid flakes started tumbling down the busy avenues.

People walking hand in hand, busy shoppers doing their late-night Christmas shopping, and cuddling lovers in the street lanes began to rush for a canopy to shed on; however, for a man named Hyukjae, he remained still on his position and never bothered to cast off himself from the freezing spot he was located at.

Letting the snowflakes trickled upon his skin, he watched the scenery below him.

People were speeding up to various restaurants, or any place to serve as a temporary shelter, yet despite the situations they were in, a gentle smile of contentment never left their faces.

He then remembered the definition of Christmas.

The month of gale where happiness exudes on people’s faces as they spent their leisure with their family, friends and loved ones.

Friends? Family? Loved ones? He bitterly smiled.

Does he still have the strength to celebrate Christmas with happiness? When his only loved one, the only family member he had, his father, his greatest supporter and strength, had already left him without letting Hyukjae bidding a proper goodbye?

He silently cried.

It was his last year of college and being a scholar and busy person as he is; he never had a chance to visit his father opposed, as he wanted to. Doing his best to have the Holiday break he had requested for, he zealously worked through these past few months until he got his deserved rest.

Beaming with excitement while thinking that he could finally see his father, the “gummy smile” painted on his face never left him until he reached home.

Opening the door with anticipation, he shouted,
“Hohohohoho! Merry Christmas! Appa, I’m home!” yet no one welcomed him in return.

Curiosity and nervousness surging towards his vein, he began to speak once again.

“Appa! I know you’re hiding from me… Hehe… But I really missed you, so please show up yourself now.” And turning to his left, towards the kitchen area, he saw his father lying lifelessly on the ground, lips were pale and his skin was almost white; a small piece of white envelope tightly clutched in his right hand.

“Appa!” he yelled and the next thing he knew, he was in the hospital, endlessly praying for his father’s dear life, as he discovered that his Appa had been longtime suffering with leukemia; without Hyukjae knowing about it.

Yet, luck was not on his side, and the doctor declared his father didn’t make it, leaving Hyukjae alone in misery.

Mulling morosely over the unexpected incident of his life, Hyukjae sat passively on the rocking chair that his appa used to sit on inside the balcony.

Lost in his thoughts, his reverie had ended when he heard the doorbell rung, echoing through the corners of the previous lively house. Leaving his spot with a heavy sigh, he marched downstairs towards the door.

“Coming!” he said and as his palm finally reached the knob, opening the white door entrance of his house, he was frozen on his feet and speechless to react to the person in front of him whom he least expected to come.

“Hyukkie. ” Said the man with an imploring voice. Surprise and delight overwhelming his emotions at the same time, falling down on his knees, that’s all what he needed to hear as he finally broke down; In front of the brunette that welcomed him candidly in his arms.

Sparkling lights, all over town
Children's carols in the air

It’s unbelievable to imagine that despite the death of his father, Hyukjae, who felt tormented with agony in his veins, is now finally able to put a smile on his face.

Setting his miseries aside for a while, the pain in his chest was lifted off for a moment due to the presence of the brunette,
Lee Donghae; the only man who could make him smile to the fullest, create a deep wound in his heart, and leave him shattered into pieces out of the indirect misery and false hope he’s giving to this one-sided love of Hyukjae.

When the redhead lad finally calmed down, Donghae had suggested that they should go out and enjoy the Christmas season rather than mourning in grief with Hyukjae’s father.

Hyukjae had come into a protest at first, but eventually, when the brunette reasoned out that his father wouldn’t be happy seeing him in a miserable state, he finally agreed with his best friend’s idea.

The typical busy avenue of Seoul had evolved into an unbelievable splendor.

Different songs of Christmas hymns, statues of “Santa Claus” were displayed in various sizes, large pine trees decorated with flashy ornaments, dazzling Christmas lights emitting different colors, tons of Christmas gifts displayed beneath it, and voices of laughter can be heard all throughout the night.

Indeed, the spirit of Christmas is felt in the atmosphere.

Walking together, side by side in the crowded streets, the former gloomy aura in Hyukjae’s body was replaced with excitement and glee as the brunette held his hands and intertwined it with his.

By the Christmas tree
A shower of stardust on your hair

The Statues of Santa Clause, which are displayed in various sizes, had starting moving; wiggling its hands to every persons who had passed by. Along with its huge red sack, there were echoing sounds of Christmas greetings played in various languages too.

The redhead lad was mesmerized. His eyes followed every corner that displays statues of Santa Claus until finally, they reached the main center of this attraction: the huge fascinating Christmas tree.

Beside the Christmas tree were the sleigh of Santa Claus together with Rudolf and the team of reindeers. From his view, he saw people’s anticipation of welcoming the Christmas Eve.

“Aaaccchhoou!” He sneezed and the brunette looked at him worriedly.

Due to the cold weather this Yuletide season, the snows continuously fall down the horizons, showering the people beneath them. Despite the situation, people still felt warm inside and happy at the same time, as long as his/her loved ones are there to support them at their side.

“Hyukkie…Give me your hand.” Asked by the brunette.

Hyukjae, confused with the sudden request, still obeyed and did as what as he was told.

Unexpectedly, the brunette started rubbing his palms with his; giving off heat to the undeniably freezing palms of his best friend, who had forgotten to bring his warming gloves.

Surprisingly, Donghae lifted the hands of the redhead lad towards his mouth. Facing the brunette’s lips with his knuckles, Donghae blew an air and kissed it afterwards.

A jolt of electricity instantly came inside Hyukjae’s body. Feeling the sudden churning of his stomach, he bit his lips to control himself from the romantic gesture of the brunette, who was unaware of the effect of his actions towards Hyukjae.

“Feeling much better?” He worriedly asked and Hyukjae nodded, as he looked down, afraid that his best friend would see his flustered face.

“Here, take this.” And Donghae began removing his warming gloves, giving it to Hyukjae. He protested, and when the brunette finally gave up with his best friend’s decision, he forced his way to give it to the redhead.

“Ok… If you insist…” And unpredictably, he gave up as what Hyukjae thought. He began wearing back the glove to his left hand, while the other pair was wrapped under Hyukjae’s right palm.

Holding the redhead lad’s left palm over his right, he clasped their fingers together and never let it go.

Heat began creeping up his face and when he looked up to face the brunette, Donghae was smiling to him, doubling the tingling sensation and summersaults inside his gizzards.

Soon enough, his trance was ended when they heard a man’s voice echoing throughout the whole place.

“Ok! All right Peeps! Kiss as much as you want once the countdown of Christmas Eve ends! 10! 9! ———————————“ And the countdown began as “DJ HEE” started to do his thing.



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