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I can’t think of a better Christmas
Than my wish coming true

As the countdown ends, the fireworks began to explode and clouded the dark sky. People cheered while others started to kiss under the mistletoes; cuddling each other to show their warmth of affection. Hyukjae felt a squeeze on his left hand, signaling for him to face the brunette.

Facing each other with a close distance, Hyukjae felt his heartthrobs wildly in his ribcage, as Donghae removed his sapphire blue scarf, and hovered it around Hyukjae’s neck.

“Hae…” The redhead lad said, yet all he received was a peck on his forehead in return.

“How did you know? And how about your plans with Hyuna?” He worriedly asked yet the brunette just smiled at him.

“You don’t have to worry about her.” And he began caressing his best friend’s face.

“But, you don’t have to cancel every————” and Donghae’s forefinger landed on his lips to seal his protests.

“Sshhh… You’ve been too complaining tonight. Don’t you want me here at your side?” He seriously asked; pained expression contoured on his face.

“No! But how about ——— Aah!“ he frustratingly sighed and he was suddenly pulled into an embrace as he heard the brunette chuckled.

“I came here in my own will. I know there’s always another chance with Hyuna, and she could take care of herself well. Besides, who needed me the most this time?” And he faced Hyukjae and gave him a wink.

Hyukjae, irritated yet happy at the same time, punched Donghae’s chest as he said,
“Cheesy, arrogant fish”, and Donghae laughed.

“Thank you very much. At least, I’m not a too self-reliant, whiny monkey.” He counteracts and his best friend pouted in return. As he was about to pull out from the lad’s embrace, Donghae didn’t let go and a romantic Christmas melody began to play.

“Can I have this dance with you?” he whispered in his ears, as he pulled Hyukjae towards his body for a much closer contact.

Slowly, without Hyukjae being aware of it, he momentarily followed Donghae’s lead, and their palms clasped with each other as Donghae’s hand slid on his slender waist.

Swinging their bodies in the same rhythm, Hyukjae treasured the moment being trapped within the brunette’s grasps. Enjoying the night, forgetting all the pain he had suffered, singing silently along with the song while they danced in their own world.

And my wish is you'd let me spend my whole life with you…

Singing the last line with tears, he heard the crowd cheered and began to clap their hands for him.

Opening his eyes, he saw a familiar figure of a tall, muscular, brunette sitting at the edge on the last table facing the aisle. Squinting his eyes to have a clear vision, he was surprised to see the man smiling at him, slowly approaching his direction.

“Donghae.” He whispered and the referred man smiled at him in return as he was pulled into a hug that he really missed the most.

“That’s really great HYUK!” he excitedly said and Hyukjae chuckled at the hyper childish behavior of his best friend, the only man whom he fell in love with the most until now.

“When did you come back and why?” Hyukjae asked, curious what’s the reason of the brunette’s sudden comeback.

“Wae? Didn’t you miss me? Am I not allowed to go back in Korea if I wanted to?” He asked like a sucking kid, and Hyukjae hid a laugh.

“Anni! Of course not… it’s just that… I thought you’d be staying in US longer, since your dedication to maintain your dad’s company never left you. I missed you Hae.” He cooed and the brunette smiled in return as he tightened the hug, and whispered, “I miss you too, Hyukkie”.


Pulling out from the hug, they went towards the counter and ordered some drinks.

They talked about how their lives went from these past 3 years they left each other.

Donghae went to US after graduation, because his father asked him to manage his company for a moment, while he continued studying, taking up his M.A. Degree at the same time.

Of course, despite the situation, Hyuna, his lover, understands his boyfriend’s position, since she experienced it too. In order for them not to be apart, she went to the US and continued her studies to be with Donghae.

In Hyukjae’s case, the redhead lad got into a job as a music producer in one of the biggest companies in music Industry in Korea, S.J. Entertainment. He still sings in “La Mirage café”, though his job salary, as a music producer was way bigger than this.

Being a grateful person as he was, to the couple that had helped him to sustain his needs as he lived on his own, courteously, he still continued singing for the two, as a part-time singer in the café.

Currently, they have 4 ballad singers in the café namely: Kim Jongwoon, Kim Ryeowook, Lee Sungmin, and Cho Kyuhyun; also known as “K.R.Y.S”, and they’re very popular nowadays.

Leaning comfortably on his seat, Hyukjae asked Donghae once again.

“Seriously, Hae… Why did you come back?” he questioned once again and the brunette answered him finally.

“I have some important matters to attend to… And by the way, could I ask a favor from you?” Donghae asked this time.

“Sure. Anything, it’s my pleasure.” As long as it is for you, Hyukjae added silently in his mind, as a smile plastered on his face.

“Hyukkie, I’m getting married and I wanted you to be there.”


A|N: I'm done with it!:D haha..xDD.. Just kidding? do you like it so far? I'm still thinking whether to do a sequel or not..hehee..^^.. Just tell me and I'll think about it.:D

If I would be able to write a sequel for this, then of course... My dear friends and readers... you should wait for it. When month of "December" comes..:D..


I gotta go now~ I would be on hiatus for awhile.. I still have many things to do and I'm always bombarded with quizzes every week..>_<



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